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The Comeback

Posted on 18 Dec 12 The Biz | No Comments
 There’s no doubt N*SYNC was one of the BIGGEST pop groups of the late 90s/early 2000s. Out of all the acts of that era, they’re the only group who have yet to reunite. Rumors have been swarming across the web and throughout the industry of a reunion performance scheduled for this Sunday at the 2013 MTV VMAs. Members of the super group have denied the rumors which could just be deflections to build up hype. However, all these rumors bring us to this conclusion: N*SYNC should definitely reunite.
There’s so many benefits for a reunion. It’s been over ten years since these five guys have been seen together. Their fan base would eat it up and THAT could be a huge financial benefit. Justin Timberlake is already a bonafide superstar…but a reunion could further reinforce his breakout star power a la Beyonce and Destiny’s Child.  A small scale reunion could also reintroduce JC, Joey, Chris and Lance back into the industry and open new doors to further their individual careers.
N*SYNC’s abscence has built up such a void to their fans that even the smallest of reunions would satiate that want…it doesn’t even have to be a huge tour, just one comeback song.
I guess we’re all gonna have to tune in to see if N*SYNC does indeed take the stage.
- Alex Mauricio

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